GTU SPI /CPI/CGPA Calculator

GTU SPI /CPI/CGPA Calculator

About GTU SPI Calculator

GTU SPI Calculator is a handy and reliable application designed to calculate your current semester performance in the Gujarat Technological University (GTU) India.

In basic of your performance in examination, assignments, practical exam is awarded a grade. These grade are described by the letters like AA, AB, BB, BC etc, and a numerical equivalent called the grade.So you can directly calculate your SPI using this tool.also you can Calculate SPI, CPI, CGPA and CGPA to Percentage.

Feature Added In This Version

  • CGPA Calculation
  • Ability to calculate SPI up to 12 subject and up to 20 credit.
  • Update Check.
  • Smart Check and error detection in SPI and CPI calculation.


Under GNU GPL.v3.0 Free Software(You don't need to register or pay)



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